Top 10 car insurance companies in australia 2024

Welcome To LeSite24 Today we talk about Top 10 car insurance companies in australia 2024. lists car insurance companies in Australia according to customer reviews. Here we summarise the top 10 car insurance companies in Australia according to its customer feedback. The statistics are correct, as of August 2024. Australia is a land of drivers, with 585 registered vehicles for every 1000 persons and 15.1 million registered passenger vehicles, according to the Bureau of Infrastructure and Transport Research Economics (BITRE).

Australia has many comprehensive car insurance providers, with each offering varied levels of coverage and even the ability to personalise your policy to suit your needs. But with so many providers and policies on offer, it’s hard to know which provider would be best for you.

To pinpoint the best auto insurance companies, NerdWallet looked at customer complaints data, consumer experience and financial strength. We also researched coverage offered and how easily you can interact with the insurer online when you’re getting a quote or filing a claim.

Top 10 car insurance companies in australia 2024

What is car insurance?

Car insurance protects you against the cost of damages caused by things like car accidents, theft, weather events and other unforeseen events. A car insurance policy helps pay for the cost of these damages to your car, as well as any property you might damage with your vehicle.

The industry underwrites car insurance policies. Car insurance provides financial cover for physical damage to automobiles and bodily injuries as a result of traffic collisions. Car insurance can also protect against liability as a result of accidents.

How can you get cheap car insurance companies in australia?

Insurers calculate car insurance premiums based on a person’s overall risk level – and because each driver’s profile and situation vary, there isn’t a straightforward answer to this question. An insurance company that can offer you cheap car insurance, for instance, may be the most expensive option for another.

To help drivers find ways to access cheap car insurance in Australia, Insurance Business compiled several practical tips and advice from industry experts. Here are the top 10 premium-reduction strategies we gathered.

What are the top ten largest life insurance companies in Australia?

According to data from the Plan For Life Actuaries & Researchers in August 2023, the top ten largest providers of life insurance in Australia by market share are the following:

  • TAL Life Limited: 27.7% market share
  • AIA Australia Limited: 18.3%
  • Zurich: 13.8%
  • MLC Limited: 10.6%
  • Resolution Group: 7.9%
  • BT/Westpac Financial Group: 5.4%
  • MetLife Insurance: 5.1%
  • QInsure: 3.3%
  • Hannover: 3.2%
  • ClearView: 1.7%

GIO insurance 

I have been with GIO for years now, they always deliver excellence when it comes to car/home and contents cover for our family. Had an at fault claim a few years back and the service that was given was fantastic. Easy to deal with, friendly customer support and claims are no hassle what so ever


  • Cover for accidental loss or damage including from weather events, fire (including bushfire), theft, collision and more.
  • Lifetime new car replacement after a total loss (eligible customers).
  • Hire car after theft for unlimited days.
  • Hire car after a not-at-fault incidents and any other incidents covered by your policy for unlimited days.
    Choice of repairer.
  • GIO Platinum windscreen and window glass cover, for one excess-free claim — including sun roof damage — per year.

Real Insurance 

More than simply value-for-money insurance policies, InsureandProtect provides much more. Their objective was to safeguard the quality of individuals’ lives when we entered the Australian market in 2005. They kept their word, with goods that delivered actual savings and value as well as a corporate culture that inspired genuine trust. This is attested to by the number of industry accolades they have received.

Key Differentiators:

  • Flexible payment options
  • 24/7 claims lodgement and emergency assistance
  • Save up to 10% when you buy online.

Bingle Car Insurance

Bingle auto insurance is known for offering consistently low rates and came first on the list of cheapest car insurance in Australia. If you’re considering this online-only brand, make sure you have enough insurance to suit your demands. If you’re looking for simple, hassle-free car insurance, Bingle offers two core policies to choose from. The insurer aims to provide affordable cover for your set of wheels that covers the basics. It also offers savings to claims-free drivers and a fast online claims service.

  • Your trailer has been damaged (but not its contents)
  • If your keys are lost or stolen, we will replace them.
  • Home or temporary lodging in the event of an emergency
  • Personal effects in the automobile at the time of the crash were damaged.
  • At the time of the crash, the car’s kid seats or capsules were damaged.
  • If your car is dangerous to drive as a result of the damage, reasonable recovery, towing, and storage costs.

best car insurance companies in australia

If you’re looking to save on regular expenses, comparing comprehensive car insurance could be a great place to start. Canstar helps you shop around dozens of policies based on your situation, and lets you easily filter and sort products based on what matters to you.

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