Law Tigers Advocating For The Rights Of Injured Motorcyclists 2024

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Since 2001, Law Tigers have heavily focused on philanthropy and community within the motorcycle industry. For almost two decades, the Law Tigers have given millions of dollars to charities both large and small throughout the country. The Law Tigers financial support in conjunction with time and effort provided through grassroots, traditional, and digital marketing continue to drive more awareness and funds to hundreds of causes.

Law Tigers’ lawyers understand the unique challenges that motorcyclists face when seeking compensation. Many insurance companies are reluctant to provide full coverage for motorcyclists and some will even deny claims, leaving riders with a long legal battle ahead of them. Law Tigers’ experienced lawyers are familiar with these challenges and are dedicated to helping injured motorcyclists get the compensation they deserve.

Law Tigers Advocating For The Rights Of Injured Motorcyclists 2023

What Services Do Law Tigers Provide?

Law Tigers is a national organization that advocates for the rights of injured motorcyclists. Founded in 2002, this organization has had a mission to provide expert legal help to motorcyclists who have been injured in a motorcycle accident. To do this, they have a nationwide network of qualified attorneys that help injured motorcyclists get the compensation and justice they deserve.

Law Tigers provides a full range of legal services to injured motorcyclists. This includes filing claims for medical costs, lost wages, and pain and suffering. In cases involving the death of a motorcyclist, their lawyers can file wrongful death suits and seek compensation for family members of the deceased. They also handle cases related to property damage caused by a motorcycle accident, and can help riders receive compensation for any damages.


  • MDA (Muscular Dystrophy of America)
  • Wounded Warrior Project
  • Humane Societies
  • VA hospitals and clinics
  • Breast cancer awareness
  • Mascots Miracle
  • Shriners Hospitals for Children
  • Ride for Kids
  • Children of the earth
  • Make a wish foundation
  • National Motorcycle Safety Fund
  • The Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation
  • Boys and Girls Club s of America
  • Homes for Our Troops
  • Muscular Distrophy Association
  • Special Olympics
  • Wounded Warriors
  • Veteran’s Association
  • Veteran’s of Foreign Wars Posts
  • Operation Homefront

Law Tigers Motorcycle Rights and Accident Attorneys

The motorcycle rights movement has been primary marketing ground for motorcycle accident attorneys for decades. And the social contract can be mutually beneficial. It’s no secret that personal injury law is one of the most profitable forms of practice. It’s also no secret that motorcycle accidents are common, particularly among motorcycle clubs which represent the segment of the motorcycling community that rides the majority of miles ridden in America. Profits from this relationship can fund critical civil liberty lawsuits to fight discrimination against motorcyclists that would otherwise lack sufficient funding. Lawsuits can be very expensive.

The promise to pursue rights based claims can be very persuasive to motorcycle club members. The fact that a portion of profits from an accident settlement/judgement is re- dedicated to fight discrimination provides a mechanism to address issues that would otherwise go unchallenged.

But motorcycle club members realize the value of this relationship and are often skeptical that the attorneys obligations under the social contract are being fulfilled. Of course they have to say they support motorcycle rights and motorcycle clubs. But what if this same organization creates employment requirements that would be unconstitutional infringements on association and speech if imposed by a state employer?

How Does Law Tigers Advocate For Injured Motorcyclists?

Law Tigers is a nationally recognized organization that advocates for the rights of injured motorcyclists. Through their nationwide network of experienced attorneys, they fight for the justice that motorcyclists deserve when they are injured due to the negligence of others. Law Tigers’ advocacy efforts go beyond providing legal assistance to injured motorcyclists.

Law Tigers’ attorneys are committed to helping injured motorcyclists get the compensation they deserve, even if that means taking a case to court. Their lawyers have a deep understanding of the laws that pertain to motorcyclists’ rights and will use that knowledge to ensure that the injured motorcyclist is properly compensated. In addition to fighting for the rights of injured motorcyclists in court, Law Tigers also lobbies on their behalf in a variety of other ways.

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